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A complete, cost-effective program designed for AMT schools

The CES Composite training program can enable an AMT school to meet or exceed FAR Part 147 concerning composite training. With our program, you will be able to provide a student with solid entry-level skills in performing repairs on advanced composite structures. For 24 years, CES has provided advanced composite training, equipment and materials to air carriers, repair stations, and AMT schools. We understand the practical, cost-effective requirements of the aviation industry in terms of flight line repairs and class room training. Our training and equipment have enabled thousands of AMT students and technicians to receive the practical understanding necessary to perform advanced composite repairs.


A tailored composite repair program that suits the needs of your school. We take into consideration your budget, objectives, and the level of instruction. Alternative suggestions are offered to match your objectives with the best combination of materials, equipment and training. Safety is always top priority. We can provide turn-key packages with instructor training, equipment , materials, and lesson plans to establish a composite shop and training curriculum.

Packages Designed for Training

Example: Package B - Turn-key package for training classes of 20 students.

Training Program - Includes training of 3-5 instructors in composite repair and in how to conduct a composite repair course. Includes: Lesson Plans, Tests, Approximately 350 slides in PowerPoint lesson plans. Instructor workbook.

Materials Package - Includes materials for 50 students projects. Includes: Kevlar, fiberglass, vacuum bagging materials, honeycomb, mixing cups and sticks, epoxy   cleaner, epoxy resin and curing agent, dust masks, gloves (and more).

Equipment Included:

2 ea CES 1000S Hot bond Machines - with 10 heat blankets, 10 vacuum hoses and vacuum 10 valves, thermocouple, instructions.  ,  10 ea lay up boards, 2 ea right angle sanders,    2 ea dust collectors, 2 ea routers,  4 ea brad, and dagger drill bits,  4 ea flat and pointed router bits,  2 ea Kevlar scissors,       1 ea 30X microscope,  2 ea heat guns,  1 ea digital scale  



Bonding equipment for training

CES 1000S

Vacuums and cures 5 student projects at a time

  • 100% Solid State
  • Digital Display Panel
  • Converts standard shop air to vacuum
  • Standard 120V input
  • Simple Operation - Fully Programmable
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Complete with all heat blankets, valves, manifolds, hoses, thermocouples
  • Cures 5 projects at one time, lowering the total expenditure to teach composite repair techniques.